Appalachian Murder Ballads show at Boone Saloon

On Oct. 17, Boone Saloon will host An Evening of Appalachian Murder Ballads. Put together by Kat Chaffin, the lineup for this night of creepy tales and true life blues will include an all-star cast of musicians featuring Chaffin, Lauren Hayworth, Earleine, Julie Chiles, Brooks Forsyth, Alex Golden, Handlebar Betty and Trevor McKenzie.



Within the history of the roots music that sprang up from the Appalachian Mountains during the last two centuries, the songs known as murder ballads have always been in the mix.


Most of these folk tales set to music were based on real events and were a way to spread the crazy stories of humans at their worst through the generations. In a sense, the murder ballads were the tabloids of their day.


Murder ballads are stories about sinister, hair-raising crimes based on love gone wrong, about tales of outlaws who wreaked havoc, ghostly retributions and deeds that led to public hangings and more.

Thanks as always to Kat Chafin for including us!!!