Laced with elements of bluegrass, folk, and rock and roll, Handlebar Betty creates a unique sound that is earthy, dark, and driving; bringing forth a genuine and soulful approach to acoustic/electric music. ”

Handlebar Betty

Roots | Americana | Soul

Handlebar Betty is a genre bending, harmony driven, Appalachian folk-grass band born out of Boone, North Carolina.

The band blends original songwriting with innovative covers of traditional and current songs; creating a lively and engaging show that transcends genres and basic string band steriotypes.

Everyone in Handlebar Betty sings both lead and harmony vocals and plays different instruments. 

Because each person in the band brings a different style of song to the table, whether it's cover or an original tune, it has a unique point of view, tone and vibe that's distinctive from a song someone else leads.

Handlebar Betty is a true "Ensemble Cast". This level of collaboration in a band makes for a fresh and interesting performance time after time.


Meris Gantt, Chad Berry, Anna Huffman, Rachiel Musumarra, Devin Lacey


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    Fine 4:23
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    No. 9 4:09